…the Luxman CL-1000 unashamedly marries truly stellar sonic performance with the sort of perceived value – and build quality – that eludes much of the high-end. It is a delight to use,it leads to hours-long listening sessions and it is so gorgeous that you’ll want to fiddle with the controls just for the tactile rewards.…

Ken Kessler
Hi-Fi News

The Luxman L-509X is a beautiful component that produces beautiful sound. Sonically it does it all, in a way that doesn’t draw attention away from your favorite recordings; and in terms of user enjoyment, it will dray you right to it.

Jeff Fritz
SoundStage Ultra
March 2019

The L-509X is one of the most intimate-sounding, dynamic, texturally nuanced, truthful purveyors of music of my experience.

Ken Micallef
May 2018

…the product that most impressed me between November 2017 and October 2018 was the trim and tidy Luxman MQ-88uSE power amplifier, which uses two KT88 pentode tubes per channel to deliver a satisfactory 25Wpc. Its sound is beautiful, its build quality superb, its Japanese-perfectionist pedigree beyond reproach.

Art Dudley
August 2018