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The LTA-710 is a universal, static balance tonearm with a completely new design*, jointly developed by LUXMAN, with our long history of producing iconic audio products for almost a century, and SAEC, a dedicated manufacturer who have been developing tone arms for over 4 decades. The bearing features a knife-edge structure that is assembled with high mechanical precision, achieving excellent initial sensitivity. By setting the effective length to 10 inches, it suppresses tracking errors and improves braking performance against surface runout and thoroughly transmits those minute musical signals picked up by the phono cartridge from a records’ microgrooves. It also supports detailed settings such as height adjustment, stylus pressure, and anti-skating to thoroughly improve playback quality. The included machined aluminum head shell is fitted with lead wires made of 7N-Class D.U.C.C.* (99.99998% or more copper). As an option, our special OPPD-AB7 arm base is available to attach this arm to LUXMAN models PD-171A, PD-171AL and PD-191AL. We have also made it possible to significantly upgrade models released previously. A convenient positioning gauge is also included, useful when installing on analog players made by other companies.